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Fast, effective and affordable repairs of washing machines, cookers, ovens, tumble dryers and dishwashers

Canterbury's Dishwasher Repair Experts

If your dishwasher has stopped working, have it repaired quickly and efficiently by Canterbury's appliance repair experts at Kent Appliance World!

Working across Canterbury and Kent, we offer fast and cost effective dishwasher repairs that not only save you money compared to other appliance repair companies but also save you the expense of replacing your faulty dishwasher. You won't even have to wait too long, as we aim to repair your dishwasher within a 48 hour period!

If you're not sure what the fault is with your dishwasher, don't panic; we'll quickly identify the fault and fix it for you. With decades of experience between them, our specialist dishwasher repairs team will offer all the advice and information you need. 

For fast, effective and affordable dishwasher repairs in Canterbury, call our professional and friendly team now on 01634 261414. 

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A team of specialist engineers

Just like every appliance that we repair, we always aim to have your dishwasher repaired within 48 hours of us arriving at your Canterbury property. With many appliances, there are a number of reasons why they might not be working, but our experienced and highly skilled engineers are well equipped to fix any problem and save you from having to replace the entire dishwasher unit.  

Replacing a dishwasher is certainly not cheap; you have to source and order a new one, have the faulty dishwasher uninstalled and taken away before the reverse process can take place for the new dishwasher. However, it's actually better and most cost effective to have your faulty dishwasher repaired. Our experience tells us that in repairing the faults with an underperforming dishwasher, you will have an appliance that will work just as well as a new dishwasher. 

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Our comprehensive service will save you money

Having your dishwasher repaired is far more cost effective and money-saving in the long run compared to having it replaced. Not only will your dishwasher's life be extended, but you'll also save money on replacement and energy bills too!

Our expert dishwasher repair service 

Working across Canterbury and Kent, we provide a comprehensive repair service that includes:

  • Malfunctioning systems 
  • Leaking and drainage issues
  • Ineffective movement or heating 
  • Ineffective functioning 
  • Spare parts

Based in Gillingham, we work throughout Kent, including Canterbury, providing homeowners and commercial business owners with the very best in dishwasher repairs, as well as commercial appliance repairs.

Contact us today to discuss your appliance repair requirements with one of our helpful and friendly team.