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Fast, effective and affordable repairs of washing machines, cookers, ovens, tumble dryers and dishwashers

Fast and Effective Dishwasher Repairs in Lewisham

If you are thinking of replacing your faulty or broken dishwasher, save yourself time and money and have your current dishwasher repaired by the experienced professionals at Kent Appliance World!

Here at Kent Appliance World, we provide commercial clients and homeowners throughout Lewisham, London and the South East, with a comprehensive and fast dishwasher repair service that has your appliance washing dishes again in no time at all. 

No electrical appliance comes cheap and that's the same for a brand new dishwasher too. So if your current dishwasher has stopped working or isn't performing the way it once did, repairing it will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

So, if you’re based in Lewisham and your dishwasher is out of action, call our expert repair team on 01634 261414. No matter what the problem is our technicians will be able to fix it. 

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Save money with effective dishwasher repairs 

It is incredibly easy to panic when a household appliance stops working; the first thought is to replace it with a new one, but that is not the best solution. We have over a decade of experience repairing dishwashers that break down, we have worked with all the leading brands and stock all spare parts needed to fix any problem. 

Dishwashers are in constant use and, of course, that takes its toll on the performance in the end; however, there is no need to spend unnecessary money on a new appliance. Our repair service will keep your dishwashers running for longer and removes the need to replace a whole unit. 

Not only does having your dishwasher repaired save you money but it also saves time. From deciding what dishwasher you want to ordering it to having it delivered and installed; it all takes a considerable amount of time. Our repair service has your current dishwasher again working at it should a lot quicker. 

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Our dishwasher repair service 

Provided across Lewisham, London and the South East, our complete dishwasher repair service includes: 

  • Malfunctioning systems 
  • Leaking and drainage issues
  • Ineffective movement or heating 
  • Inefficient functioning 
  • Spare parts 

Based in Gillingham, we work throughout Kent, Essex, London, East Sussex, including Lewisham, providing homeowners and commercial business owners with the very best in-home appliance repair services, as well as commercial appliance repairs.

We have recently repaired and serviced appliances for customers in Lewisham and London. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our helpful and friendly team.